Our philosophy lies between dynamism and hospitality

Albina and Paolo are the two souls of Hotel Paradiso. 

In 2019 they realised their dream of recreating the historic and glorious Café Paradiso, bringing it back to its former glory. 

Albina is the welcoming and stylish soul, always available to meet all your needs and pamper you, making the environment a refuge for mind and body. 

Paolo is the dynamic and active soul, the sports expert who knows how to organise, assist, and advise you. If you don’t find him at the hotel, he is definitely at the lake with his wing-foil. 

In their hands, Hotel Paradiso has become the ideal destination for those seeking sport and relaxation in Torbole. 



Built in the early 19th century as a farmhouse and later used as a post station for horse couriers, it was transformed into the Locanda Paradiso in March 1930 by Baron Friedrich von Beust. 

The name was inspired by the historic café-atelier Paradiso, only a hundred metres away, by Hans Lietzmann, a Berlin painter who described this place as magical. 

After becoming a barrack for German soldiers during World War II, it was occupied by American soldiers in 1945. 

Later, the hotel was noticed by wine and spirits producer Carlo Torboli, who wanted to make it a meeting place for people to taste his products. 

the turning point

In 1950, Aldo Moser, a hotelier from Riva, took over the business and made substantial changes to the hotel, including raising it by two floors and adding the south wing. Twenty bedrooms, a large kitchen, and an enlarged dining room were also built. These were the golden years of the hotel, which was frequented by celebrities, painters, and politicians. When Moser died, he was succeeded by the then hotel concierge, Mario Zucchelli, who carried on the business with great passion and competence. Since 2019, Albina and Paolo have taken take care of Hotel Paradiso and its 100-year history.  

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